There were times when I really regretted not listening to my wife when we bought our house.  One of those times is when we had to paint the exterior, which is a job I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  I’ve done it more times than I care to remember, but now I’ve smartened up and contract with some professionals to do it while I take the time to go someplace and relax.

Today I usually schedule the paint job so that I am as far removed from it as possible.  I take advantage of my Groupon coupons and plan for a trip and holiday at a resort, someplace really attractive during the period when the guys come to do the paint job.  I also use it as a way to placate my wife; we usually go somewhere on her “bucket list” of places to go see.  There we stay at an RIU resort hotel where we can take advantage of all the amenities on site.  That is how we usually spend these trips; either playing tourist and sightseeing or relaxing at a top-notch resort hotel while somebody is busily fixing up our home so it will look brand-spanking new when we return.

Of course, I don’t limit our vacation trips just to the house paint schedule; why would I be crazy enough to have them so widely spread apart?  In truth, I’ve gotten into the habit of using any major home upkeep or upgrading project as a time to make a RIU resort visit since we can get discounts of nearly 55% off the listed rates.  See, we’ve found taking advantage of Groupon coupons makes it possible to include such trips as part of our overall home improvement budget; we even combine the cost of the trip with the cost of the project when we prepare our home upkeep budget.  We’ve discovered that our personal relaxation is as important to the improvement and well-being of our home as the purchase of the best brand of paint or having the finest flooring installed.  We benefit from both the travel and from the home improvement.   So the amount of money spent constitutes an investment in our home’s future as well as in ourselves.  Besides, it’s fun!